The desire that lives in your soul if cultivated correctly will manifest in your life. You were created by God to do so much more with your life than mediocre. You were created to profit from life. 

Godliness profits unto all things. Wisdom and knowledge propels you to riches and wealth. God made our father, Abraham, very rich in cattle and silver and gold because of his obedience. 

Your life is a seed that is worth growing. Your desire for the Word of God connects you to the source of the desires that dwell within your soul. God put them there. He placed in you the desires of your heart so that He could give them to you. 

God loves you. God is pouring His blessing on your life. Learn to desire all that He has for you. I don’t know what you desire. I don’t know where God wants to take you but deep down within your heart the answer lies. 

Take time today to meditate on His Word. Jesus said to Mary only one thing is needful. That thing is the Word of God. It is in the Word that your spirit will communicate you to. You will be led by the still small voice. You will know peace in the leading. 

Your desire to grow and learn will enable you to go through, above or around any problem that you face. Any form of change that you apply to your life will bring disruption. That disruption and pressure will rise to slow your progress down. If you allow yourself to knuckle down and push through you will become stronger. You will develop staying power. 

The voice of desire in your heart cannot be ignored. Hope that is differed and redirected will make your heart sick. Let the hope in your heart rise up and propel you to activate your faith. Your faith then will require action and action is often change. 

Today is the day of salvation. Today is the day to release your joy. Today is the day to desire God’s Word like never before and to develop that relationship which will allow you to succeed no matter what!!! 

See Clearly in 2024

This year seems special to me. There seems to be something stirring in the body of Christ that is different than in the last few years. We seem to be on cusp of something new and fresh. I sense a dynamic hunger rising up. There is something simmering in the background waiting for someone to find it and bring it to the forefront. There is coming a revealing of the sons of glory.

Jesus talked about this in the parable of the field and the pearl. He spoke of great treasure hidden for the benefit of the believer.

“The Kingdom of Heaven is like a treasure that a man discovered hidden in a field. In his excitement, he hid it again and sold everything he owned to get enough money to buy the field.

“Again, the Kingdom of Heaven is like a merchant on the lookout for choice pearls. When he discovered a pearl of great value, he sold everything he owned and bought it!”

Matthew 13:44-46

I believe that the treasure that people are searching for, hungering for, is on the inside of them, on the horizon of time. There is a deepening of the call. There is a spark on the inside of the Body of Christ that is rising and shifting. It is getting ready to be released and 2024 is a crucial year and a forerunner for what God is going to do in these last days. Time is short. Get up. Get ready. 

As you go into prayer this year I challenge you to start looking deeper. What do you see? Do you see a cloud on the horizon? Do you see something just out of your reach, something that you need to push for. Something on the inside of you called hope? Hope that is expectant of something greater. Greater than where you are now? Are you seeing all that God has for you?

When Elijah asked his servant to go, look and see (1 Kings 18:41), to come back and to tell him, Elijah’s servant went out and saw something. It was a cloud, the size of a man’s hand. He went again and looked and saw the cloud multiplied. Only moments before Elijah had told King Ahab that rain was on the way, in abundance. It hadn’t rained for many years.

There is a sound in the heavens right now. There is a mighty roar that is echoing down the hallways of heaven and that is about to be released into earth’s atmosphere. It is the sound of the lion of Judah. It is the sound of abundance of rain. It is King of Glory coming to fill His church. Look up and see. Look up and raise your expectancy. Press into the deeper things. Find the pearl that is hidden in the field of your life. You are going to need it! You are going to need that special unction, that gift, that God had placed on the inside of you. It has been prepared for you in these days. 

These last days will be marked by special gifts being released in their fulness. Your ability to step into all that God has for you will result in an overflow of souls for the kingdom. Your talent, your anointing, no matter what it is, the gift you possess is so important in seeing the kingdom of God reach its capacity. It is such an honour and a privilege to live in these last days!

See clearly in 2024. Lift up your eyes. Look to the realities of Heaven. Allow the anointing on your life to flow to others so that burdens are lifted off of their shoulders. Hold on to the Word of God. Do not be persuaded by thoughts, distractions, or mis-leading doctrines. Stay the course and never , ever give up! This year is a year of preparation. A year of progress and a year of the manifestation of God’s glory. The King of Glory will come into your midst as you look unto Jesus, the author and finisher of your faith!!

This year may seem to start slow. It may seem tight and restricted but this is only in the realm of the natural. The Spirit realm is about to break forth. Get ready for it. Get ready to unhook from the natural and accelerate into all the God has for you. See clearly. Release your faith. Hold onto the Word. A breaking out is coming and it is going to need all of us together!!

Jesus is Lord!

Eyes Up!

Psalms 24:7-10

Lift up your heads, O you gates; and be you lift up, you everlasting doors; and the King of glory shall come in. Who is this King of glory?

The LORD strong and mighty, the LORD mighty in battle.

Lift up your heads, O you gates; even lift them up, you everlasting doors;

and the King of glory shall come in. Who is this King of glory?

The LORD of hosts, he is the King of glory. Selah.

It is time for you look up. It is time for you to raise your head. It is time for you to focus your eyes on the horizon and not the ground beneath your feet. Time is short. Time will not last. Jesus is coming back soon but even if He doesn’t come in your life time 70 years flies by and you will then be looking at the end of your race.

Look up! Stop stooping. Stop dragging your feet. Raise your head up, put your chest out and set your shoulders back! 2024 is here and already is in full flow!! 

Lift up your head! Lift it up high. Look unto Jesus. He is the author and He is the finisher. He has started your life and He will finish it off in style if you let him. The dash on the grave stone is up to you! It is time to realise that now is your moment. Wherever you are, the time is now! It is time to do what you are called to do! God is not limiting you, He has something for you to get involved in! His desire is to see you productive in the Kingdom and He has provided all you need to succeed!

Get off the couch. Run the miles in the race that is set before you! Lift up your eyes. Look above and see what God has on the horizon for your life! God has a glory plan for you! A place in His presence and in His arms of love! He has a place of prosperity for you, a place of joy, peace and of healing!

There is no greater joy than to be in His plan and in the right place! Look up! Consider the life that is above all, raised up in His presence! Let JOY flow today. Let the King of Glory come in! Let God do a mighty work in your life this year as we draw ever closer to the return of the King of Kings!

Live today in the overflow of what God has done in 2023! Don’t even think about going backwards! Lift up your praise. Give Him all the glory and expect more and more in ’24!!

Pressure. Roots. Victory.

Pressure comes. Pressure goes. Mentally we sense it. Physically we can feel it. Pressure appears when things are tight, when the need looks far larger than the provision. Pressure comes as we resist. We resist people, we resist family, we resist the enemy of our soul and we even have a habit of resisting God.

Not all pressure is good. Not all pressure is bad. Pressure is actually a feeling. What do we say about feelings? Feelings are a gauge as to what is happening. If you feel a burning sensation you know that you may be holding something extremely hot and that you should let go. If you don’t feel it you would burn your hand to a crisp. 

Pressure is the emotional monitor that lets you know something is up. Pressure is also called ‘temptations’ in the book of James. In his book, James tells us to count it all JOY when you experience the pressure that comes in life. The pressure that comes from outside of you can be the enemy using people, situations and emotions to try and get you off course. It can be a situation that you have got yourself in through bad decisions. Pressure from outside of you is never pleasant.

The Bible helps us when pressure comes. It tells us that because of this pressure you know something. You may not be able to stop the pressure or the situation but in this moment you can know something. You might have a bill that is coming up, you don’t know how to pay it. The budget is failing, you are stuck. You may have some symptoms on your body that is causing you pain and the pressure to give up and live with it might be larger than the healing you know is in The Word.


Know this: You can know something when pressure or temptation comes. James says it this way, “Knowing this, (know what?) that the trying of your faith works patience.” 

Patience, in this context, simply means steadfastness. If you allow it the pressure can result in you consistently, with steadfastness, stay confident that God’s Word works. In fact, James also says for you to allow patient consistency to have her perfect and complete work so that you become mature, “perfect and entire, wanting nothing.”

The Lord is your Shepherd. You shall not want. He walks you beside still waters. He leads you through the valley of the shadow of death. You fear no evil. He is with you.

Pressure will come and pressure will go but without pressure your faith will not be tested. When your faith in God’s Word is tested you can demonstrate that the victory that overcomes the world will be revealed. When you consistently demonstrate victory in your life your confidence is supremely strengthened. Your consistent reliance on victory develops the roots that you are growing. Roots that are delving deep into the depths of God’s love. Your roots go deep and become the strength that you daily live off. You are planted by the river of God. Everything you do prospers.

Unfortunately, without you standing up to the pressure that comes, your roots will become shallow. Shallow roots easily fail. Roots must go deep so that a tree can grow strong and tall. Roots provide nutrients. Roots provide stability. Roots fight resistance underground, never to be seen. The seed of God’s Word is your source of consistency. The seeds turn into roots, God’s Word provides you with the confidence to resist any pressure. 

Once roots are established…the tree can face wind. The tree can develop to face horrendous weather and the tree can stand strong through it all. 

The pressure you are facing today maybe unnoticed to those around you. You are working on your roots. You are working on the foundation below ground so that you can flourish in the spotlight. On the other hand, you might be facing pressure above ground. Everyone can see what you are facing. They are watching you succeed. They are watching the victory that overcomes the world. They see the results of your developed roots.

I declare: “You are becoming the strong tree that God has created you to be. You are facing pressure successfully. You are resisting temptation. You are the overcoming victorious one because of what He did. You are a success!”

Look beyond what you are facing right now. The time of wanting nothing is coming. The time of you lacking no thing is on the horizon. Turn into the wind storm and like the eagle, lock your wings and ride the current to the top of the storm! Live in the peace that passes all understanding and you will soar above the clouds. You will live in heavenly realms and you will count it all JOY!!

Jesus is Lord!

Mindset Shift.

Proverbs 23:7

For as he thinks in his heart, so is he:

Before I start writing I would like to make a sweeping statement…

All of us need to change our minds. 

Your mind. My mind. We need to change it. We think we are right. We know what we know and we know that what we know is right. Our opinions and our talk are often a result of past history. We have sown into our lives consistently with both positive and negative experiences. We have relied on what others have told us we could be. We have thought we have tried hard. We thought we did all we could. We have all limited our outcomes by limiting our thinking.  

Steve Jobs changed at least four technology industries upside down. He revolutionised the computer industry, exploded the music market, invented new ways to use a phone and of course created Apps. He changed the way we all think about how we do things. The iPod destroyed the cassette market (Mini disks didn’t have a chance!). The iPhone transformed the mobile phone from a simple communication device to a pocket computer capable of so much more than a phone call. The iPad is beautiful. 

Steve Jobs was also known for connecting dots. He was a diverse thinker and he relied on many sources of experience and influences. He allowed his thinking to go far beyond that of ordinary people. He once looked at the blinking green dots on a computer screen that made up the typed words and thought, “Man, this is ugly!” He remembered a previous calligraphy class he took and realised that type could be beautiful and then the journey began. He created his way into the history books. You and I create…

Our minds are capable of so much more. Your mind is capable of so much more. In fact, if you are a believer, you have been given the ultimate source for large thinking. You have the mind of Christ. The mind of Christ is the mind that is connected to the Spirit of God. Paul said that “we speak words given to us by the Spirit, using the Spirit’s words to explain spiritual truths.” (1 Corinthians 2:13) 

Our minds have a connection to spiritual truths. We can access spiritual wisdom. We can access insight into the knowledge of God. God’s thoughts may be higher than ours and His ways more perfect but we can use them for our benefit! We don’t have to simply settle for our thoughts. We are, in fact, called to be imitators of God. We are to be like children copycatting our father. We are to use God’s example to speak into existence the future and desires we want.

If God thought like you and I, do you think creation would have ever existed? If He thought, “What if it doesn’t work? What if what I say turns out to be the opposite of my declaration?” Light would have been dark cause when God said what we think…

Another scripture verse says that, “out of the abundance of our heart we speak.” Jesus said, “if we believe what we say we would have what we say.” The reality is that our thoughts, meditated on, will get into our heart. Our thinking is simply the top floor. The elevator of our mind carries images and words down to our mouth. Once spoken out into our life our heart will grab a hold of what we say. This is where it gets dangerous because truly our heart is the soil of our destiny and the moment it receives seed it goes to work. Our hearts immediately try to produce what we have declared. The seeds of our voice take root and the soil of heart brings into reality what we say!

What you think is vitally important. What you allow to enter into the domain of your mind has the potential to connect to your soul. Your soul comprises of a third of your being. It is the switchboard to connect you to life or death. It has the power to super charge your life or flatten the life force within you. Your mind has unlimited potential. If a secular man, who has no connection to the supernatural mind of God can revolutionise mankind in a few decades surely the body of Christ can transform the world with Word power! 

You don’t need to create a product to transform people’s lives. You just need to think bigger. You just need to think God thoughts. You need to take your life to the next level by allowing God to think through you with His Word. His Word will transform the connections in your mind. It will cut off the past. God’s Word will expand your destiny beyond all you can ask or think. God’s Word will create within you the vision to succeed faster than any advice received. You will learn how to access that vision. You will learn how to act out the success The Word has provided for you. You can think your way into wealth, success and victory. Your mind working with and acting on the Anointing that equips your mind. Holy Spirit wisdom at work within you!

Change your mind today. Change your thought patterns. Have a mindset shift today. You are a believer…BELIEVE! You can do all things through Christ Jesus! You can achieve the impossible. You can take your family to the next level. You can remove them from the darkness that surrounds your life. You can. You can. And you will!

Go into this week looking at what you can achieve and not what you can’t. Think, let your heart be filled with the Word and then speak it out! Let the abundance of God’s Spirit flood your inner man and lift you up with a shout of victory! You are a success on a journey of victory that no human, no devil or problem can stop. Don’t stop trying. Don’t give in. Never give up!!

A Ministry of Depth.

God is calling us to a ministry of depth. When deep calls to deep we go deeper. When things get tough we go deeper. When things going swimmingly we go deeper. There is a call amongst our ranks to pursue Him at all costs. To pursue heaven’s call. We are to follow the voice that lives deep on the inside of us.

I, personally, describe this voice as a bubble, a bubble that sits deep within my heart. It seems to resides a fraction below my passion or my frustrations. My emotions sense it but they do not dominate it. The bubble, or voice, that lives within you and I lives and breathes the Word of God. The Spirit of God moving deep down on the inside connected to our spirit man. Deep calling unto deep.

We must become aware of what is going on within. You have something on the inside that wants to get out. You have an explosion of life wanting to shout, jump and dance. You are a believer and you are planted by the ‘Psalm 1’ river. You are a Christian who has fruit to share. The fruit that you contain is so fresh, so sweet and so beautiful. You are filled to the brim with everything that salvation has provided.

The characters that are introduced to the viewer in the film ‘The Matrix’ live in a world that is constructed for them to live and die in. This construct is a computer generated universe that is controlled by something outside of themselves. In the film, the characters go on a personal journey where they eventually become aware that there is something not quite right, something controlling them, and leading them into oblivion. When the opportunity arises they disconnect from the matrix so that as the story develops and as they are taught, they can reenter the matrix. Upon reentry they now can manipulate the world around them. They can run up walls, dodge bullets and even fly. They develop powers that dominate the controlling forces.

Many people in our world are stuck. They are bound in lifestyles, some by ignorance, some by choice, where they are on a journey that is taking them into eternal destruction. Many, many people are oblivious to their impending doom and they live their lives in misery, not knowing why. In fact, they have a hole inside of them, one singer called it a ‘God-shaped’ hole. That hole inside of them is covered up with sex, drugs, alcohol and entertainment, there is no satisfaction, no ending to their emptiness.

The Church is the difference. We are called to live higher. We are called to live out of the depth that resides within. We are called to look into Eternity and to live our lives in a way that connects the people of this earth to the dimension of heaven. It is the dimension of the spiritual. The dimension we live from.

The man on the cross made it all possible. His removal of all obstacles and barriers allowed for mankind to enter into the reality of a heavenly dimension. He made it possible for you and I to dominate. When the Spirit of God plunged the depths of Hell to rescue and raise the Son of God up mankind was accredited with righteousness if received. The debt was paid. The way out was provided. Freedom was purchased.

Lately, I am sensing the speed of time. The speed of the seasons and of the rapid approaching destiny mankind holds. We have a window in front of us. A window in time that is closing fast. There is urgency in the air. We are to attain and grab a hold of everything God has for us. We are to dominate, excel and live victorious. We are to press into the depth that He has for us. Never be shy. Never come short, no matter how you feel. Surrender to His call, His Word and to His leading. He wants you to pursue Him. He wants you to be ready to go all in.

The Ministry of Depth is a ministry of utter abandonment to the Message of the Cross. The depth of His Spirit within us cries out for relationship and for multiplication. A relationship with our Father and a hunger to reach more souls for Him. Go deeper today. Spend extra time meditating on these things. Realise your place in God’s plan. A plan that goes far beyond all you can think or even imagine.

Jesus is Lord and He is coming back soon.

Generosity opens up the kingdom. 

Generosity is a great word. It’s a word that when you hear it you perk your ears up because it is such a positive word. If you know someone who is generous you want to be around that person, immediately you love to spend time with them knowing that you will have a good day!! 

I have known many generous people. People who have paid for my meals, taken me on holiday and supplied all my children’s clothing for years.

I love when people bless me but in order to receive all that God has for you and me there is another level to attain to. There is a level of generosity that goes far beyond just receiving a free meal here and there. It happens when you tap into your own generosity. You can become what you see operating in those around you. When you start on the true path to generosity you may have to challenge yourself to operate this way but thank God we have some examples…

As generous Christians we should be obsessed with accepting our lineage, connecting with our spiritual DNA and reflecting the kingdom. We should be continually imitating our covenant example, after all it was God who started this whole thing off by simply giving Adam and Eve a planet to multiply in. Now when they messed it all up, it was God who came and bought back mankind. 

When God gave us Jesus He not only provided the answer for sin and for death but He really demonstrated the length to which He would go to to get back what He created. He gave so big knowing full well He could reap a huge harvest from His gift. As Jesus was on the cross He saw before Him many sons of glory. He saw the reality of what God was to receive back. 

He died knowing that His one life  sacrifice would see many people set free from an eternity of Hell. 

Remember this, God is a generous God. He gave everything in Jesus. When you make Jesus your Lord you become a generous person whether you like it or not. You may not see it yet but within you lives the potential to be the most generous person you know. God wants to see you blessed. He wants to see you give and receive back multiples of what you sow. We are to imitate the ultimate example!

God wants to see you succeed so much and become so successful that it can only have been from Him. He wants you to be able to point to your generous life as a supernatural display from heaven. He wants you to be a sign and a wonder in your generation!

God not only wants to see you blessed but He extends that desire to see all our churches abundantly provided for. He wants to see overflow in finances, abundant health and an abundance of salvations. In fact, He already sees it, just like Jesus saw many sons of Glory before it happened God has seen you blessed!

You have so much more to achieve in this life. Your vision, your business and your ministry all can succeed as you develop generosity in what you do. Your generosity simply opens the door to the world of supply and provision. 

We want to see Church buildings built and we want to see more churches planted. We want to see hubs created that preach the Word of God while supplying the power of the Holy Spirit. We want to see Christians learn and develop as they grow and dominate in life. 

There is something I saw in prayer recently as our church was praying and I saw it so clearly! As we were praying I saw in my heart what is known as ‘an appointed time’. An appointed time that is coming to our region, to our city and our church. What I saw was a huge wall of fire directly in our path. This wall is at an appointed time, specifically set aside. I sensed that as we continue to press into what God is saying through prayer, preaching and faith we are running towards this firewall…I just see it so clearly in my mind, it’s a line of fire, in time, a moment in time that we are suddenly going to cross over and say, 

“Oh, this is different, this is something fresh, there’s something here, something has changed.” 

You see when you take a match that is on fire and throw it into a large fire the flame on that match doesn’t get brighter it just gets consumed by the larger flame. The two flames become one. The smaller flame suddenly benefits from the size of the fire around it. 

If we press into our assignment, God’s plan, we are going be the burning ones walking into this appointed time of change. There’s a new level coming, there’s a new going up, there’s something in the atmosphere that is coming and that is appointed. 

Churches are going to start to sense it. People are going to start to spiritually churn on the inside and churches are going to suddenly change…worship’s going to suddenly get pure…preaching…there will be ministers, who’ve never preached a Word of Faith Message in their life, and the fire is going to fall on them and they’re just going to speak and their brain’s going to go tilt, “I don’t believe this, I don’t believe this but it’s coming straight from my spirit!”. 

These are the days we’re going to walk into, days of translations, people being shifted from one place to the next, like Philip the evangelist…the last days of the last days are almost upon us. Miracles. Signs. Wonders. 

This will be upon us in a way that is new and different. God is going to compound everything like Smith Wigglesworth once prophesied, it’s going to be a combination of all the previous flows of the Spirit, all in one go and you will see it happen before your eyes. 

Now, we can get tired of hearing this being preached, we can roll our eyes as if the preachers are dreaming up something but I’m telling you, I don’t care if you believe me or not…this is coming. This will happen!

Know this, God has got plans!! They are coming and will not fail! I never want you or me to see something on the horizon, behold its glory and turn around and run the other way!

We are meant to be the burning ones. We are meant to press into prayer and prepare the way of God is planning. This place of preparation requires generosity. This place requires us to be prepared financially as well as spiritually. 

We are meant to be generous ones, generous ones are burning ones. We are not only meant to carry revival but also to pay for it!! God will multiply your seed sown. Start to get ready to give. Get ready to put the kingdom first. Get ready now and start now. Let God get involved in your preparation for His coming. 

For what God has planned He will need believers who are all in. Totally committed to the way of the Spirit, standing firm on the Word and prepared to let nothing stand in their way. Remember, if you try to hold on to it you will eventually lose it. 

Generosity is an awesome word. It opens up so much in the kingdom. Revival will come, the fire will fall and it will be abundantly provided for as we give, prepare and allow the surplus of God’s prosperity to be manifest in our lives!! 

Going to the Next Level 

Think bigger. 

Dream bigger. 


You have a covenant. There are things put into supernatural place for you as a believer and as a Christian that mean to see you succeed. Your success is guaranteed. 

Know this, a covenant is more than an agreement. It is a binding blood bought relationship between two individuals. When you enter into a covenant everything that belongs to the other becomes yours. In your time of need they are there for you and you, in turn, are there for them. 

Making Jesus Lord of your life connects you to the greatest ever success covenant made. This covenant, between God and His Son Jesus Christ, is one of victory, success and prosperity. 

Your success within this powerful covenant includes freedom, health, unity and financial wealth. Your covenant of salvation is THE covenant of blessing. The blessing that God declared over Adam and Eve, over Abraham and over Jesus is yours to enter into. 

The Bible is full of individuals that stepped into the covenant of blessing. Even Job, who operated in a limited version of a covenant ended with double! He went through hell and high water but stuck with God and ended up with double the blessing that he started with!

What are you worth to Father God? He sent His son to die for you. He sent His son to re-establish the Blessing Covenant with mankind. He made it possible for you to have a personal relationship with Him removing the barrier of sin. 

Don’t let a poverty mentality take a grip of your mind or actions. God wants the best for you! Let His blessing grab a hold of your mouth, your praise, your faith and your actions. Be led of the Spirit and as you listen and obey His voice He will flood you with His Blessing until it overflows. 

Dream big today. Apply the Blessing Covenant to your vision. Think like a winner and act like a champion because Jesus lives inside of you making you more than a conqueror. 

His Word works no matter where you are starting from. His Word is the final authority. 

Lay it all down.

Lay it down. Put aside what holds you back. The weights, the sin. Put aside the thoughts of defeat and of lack. Put aside the temptation to settle for second best. Don’t take what sight produces. Don’t let yourself pursue the dream that is not originating from God’s heart. Don’t make up your life by wishing and looking. Go deep. Go into the heart of the Father. His love for you goes beyond all.

Lay it all down. Take your dreams, take your ideas, take what you think is best and lay it down. There is a Christian sacrifice. A sacrifice that comes from within. A sacrifice that is heartfelt and costs you something. The sacrifice for me is different than for you. You may not have to give up what I need to, yet, know this, that there will come a time that God needs your all, your everything.

Sacrifice is often said to be second to obedience. Obedience trumps sacrifice. You can sacrifice it all and stay in rebellion, rebellion is as witchcraft. Your outward motions can hide your true heart motives. This is not a fake, shallow sacrifice or some outward display to try and prove to God that you mean business.

There is a sacrifice and a commitment to obedience that goes beyond following simple instructions. I am talking about laying on the altar all. If you will do this the sacrifice becomes obedience. There is something special about following Jesus and hearkening unto the Word of God. As you pursue His presence things that need to disappear fall off like dead weight. Those are the weights that hold you back, falling off as you stand in the throne room. Your sacrifice is submission to all that God has for you.

Sacrifice of the flesh, of the natural, opens up the door for you to carry the yoke that the spirit provides. Jesus, the ultimate burden remover will give to you exactly what you need to carry. That yoke that He provides is light and will continue to bear fruit in all that you do. He is not placing a burden on you to wear you down. No! His burden is provision for your success. He knows you and what you can produce for the kingdom.

Those scriptures always used to provide me with a worried feeling. Though the burden is light and easy, Jesus is still putting something on me that I don’t want to carry! I never want to carry anything, especially if it’s raining or hot outside! Remember this, Jesus is your brother. Jesus is your Lord. Jesus sees only the end result of your life. He looks at you with eyes of faith, faith that overcomes the world. Jesus sees you in the victory that He has paid for. Jesus sees you healed and strong, rich and prosperous and He sees you full of joy and peace! That’s the burden He puts on you; ”Go, succeed, go out there, into the world, and do something great!” The burden He has is one of victory and of the responsibility to enforce it!!

Think of the responsibility that comes with a sports personality. They become role models. People look to them, right or wrong, and they take their opinions to heart. If a natural personality, filled with the world’s system, can persuade and inform…what can you do?

You are a victorious one. You carry the essence of the Creator of the heavens. You are filled with ability, potential, influence and opportunity. You carry the burden that Jesus has for you. You are joined together with Jesus. You are connected by a yoke. You are supported and linked in with the one who knows what works best for you!!

Lay it all down. The burden you choose to put on cannot be carried. You don’t have the correct mould. Let the truth of God’s Word become the frame. Frame your life and mould yourself to the words that came from the Father. Speak what God says and let His Words cloak you. God’s Word will support and provide the necessary path so you can walk far, with direction. You will complete the God given plan.

Lay it all down and pick up the mantel that Jesus provides. Follow His plan for your life. Go on a journey of discovery and spend some time listening. Develop your relationship. Develop your ability to sacrifice and to obey! Develop a true love relationship with the one who created you. He knows you. He wants the best for you. When you look unto Him…all things are possible. You become a believer. A believer who is more than a conqueror! 

You can and will be ALL that Jesus needs you to be in these last days! You will have plenty and will you will experience abundant living! 

Jesus is Lord!

Determine to know Him. 

Many are called. Few are chosen. 

There is a burning desire in my heart this morning to fulfil the call. The call placed on the church, the call placed on the ministry that I operate within and the call that lives in my heart to reach a lost and dying world. 

I hear “Go!” I hear it everyday, every minute and every second. I hear the heart beat of the lost, I hear the cry of the desperate, whether they are Christian or not. 

I sense the urgency of the hour. I know that Jesus died for them all. 

When you are called there is something on the inside of you that cries out to be answered. There is a knowing on the inside of you for more than what you have. There is a determination that you latch onto, a determination that shouts “keep going, keep believing!” 

If you are called, if you sense the drawing of the Father, latch on to it. Become chosen. Become available. Become the person that Father God requires in this day and hour. 

Carry His presence. Carry His joy. 

Paul was determined to know the person of Jesus. In that determination he knew that he would find the power of the creator. Paul knew that finishing his race was everything and that within that race he could accomplish all that God was calling him to achieve. 

When we know the person of Jesus we understand that abiding with Him is what being called and chosen is all about. Abiding in his presence is what we live for and as we abide we begin to shine forth the reason we are on this earth. 

Our determination to know Him and the power of His resurrection leads us to relationship and then overflow. The nature of abiding with someone allows you access and you begin to take on their personality and characteristics. 

As we become imitators of God we realise that is where life is. That is how we produce fruit for others. That is how we reach the world. 

Our connection to Him is where our life’s calling flows from. It is in the secret place where we are chosen and equipped. It is sat at as His feet being aware that only one thing is needful. 

Settle in today and determine to know Him. Change in your life is at the tip of your tongue. Your praise and your worship in the presence of almighty God lifts you up. Rise up and abide. Sit and enjoy. Listen and sense His Word bubbling up in your heart. 

Let the calling be birthed inside of you so strong that nothing else will compare. Let yourself be chosen. Stand up and say, “Yes, I will go!” Become the man or woman of God that is necessary to see this world saved and back on track towards eternity. 

Listen and learn the heartbeat of God. Synchronise yourself with Him. Abide with Him. 

Philippians 3:10

[For my determined purpose is] that I may know Him [that I may progressively become more deeply and intimately acquainted with Him, perceiving and recognizing and understanding the wonders of His Person more strongly and more clearly]

John 15:4

Abide in me, and I in you. As the branch cannot bear fruit by itself, unless it abides in the vine, neither can you, unless you abide in me.

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