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2014-04-22 16.07.05
2014-04-22 16.07.05

I am unashamedly a family man. It's taken me awhile to recognise that but it is true. I passionately love photography and even more so serving the photography community whether it be clients, photographers or other creatives, however, my true love in life is my family. I agree very much with an article by Zack Arias on his blog - "I can't do one thing without the love and support of my wife." While I am in no way professing I am on Zack's level I do understand his simple sentiment. Who are we without those closest to us?

We have just brought into this world a second child and I right this blog not full of emotionalism but of a realisation that without my family I could never do what I do.

From the relationship of my wife I have developed a confidence in myself that was never there previously. Having a two year old and now a newborn I have been re-energised to maintain focus. My commitment to the business of photography is on track. There is something that Dave DuChemin says in his book: "Visionmongers: Making a living in photography" that caught my attention...

"Yes, your kids need to eat. But they also need to find in their parent a legacy of living life to the fullest if they're to do the same. Living your dream and pursuing your passion - as long as you do it with wisdom - is NOT reckless parenting but responsible. Better the gift of courage and passion than a new GameBoy."

If you ever feel exasperated and find yourself asking "why do we what we do?" and the answer seems to escape you...look around to those who you draw from. What have they brought to your life that spurs you on to maintain you passionate pursuit of your dreams? Is it a loved one? Is it a role model? Is it an old relationship you had?

Never let your hopes and dreams fade. Maintain your focus and enjoy the direction you are going but also remember to appreciate those around you. They deserve to hear how they have affected your future!

Now I finish this post with a short video of my son's fearless attitude...

Cee Cee and a blog post... by admin@asphoto

test shoot with MaverickCee Cee and a blog post. This girl was fun to shoot! We had a laugh making these images. The shoot was again, on a cold winter's day but the sun came out a little so we got some lovely shots of Cee Cee smiling and laughing.  I love the simplicity of this shoot and have enjoying editing them. Her personality really shines through, a bubbly, fun-loving model with gorgeous hair! In someways I think her curls make these images! Anyways...onto my blog post.

test shoot with MaverickI hope you enjoy these shots, they have certainly inspired me to write today. I woke up with a lot of excitement, which was strange as I had a terrible night sleep and have no coffee to kick start me! Today, I woke up thinking about my goals for the year. I don't like the thought of calling them resolutions as I need more 'solutions' than empty 'resolutions'. Goals also are far more powerful. Of course I am only saying this as I haven't completed and set my goals in a solid form yet. Goals are a starting point but more than that they allow you keep yourself accountable and when you apply a time limit you ensure that you know if you have achieved them or not.

The reason I have chosen to talk about this subject is really because I have been challenged lately to have goals, ones that I want to set, prepare for and plan to achieve. This means that this year will about...creating new work, showing it and connecting with great people. I am going to commit to writing more blog posts and to keep posting images. My instagram page and account (andrewschofield) will be a main contributor to this but I also want to be a committed 'blogger'.

test shoot with MaverickI am setting myself this challenge (thanks to Jo Rutherford Photography for constantly reminding me to do this!). I am going to create a Polaroid once a week and to post it on this blog. No rules to the content but Monday will be deadline day. You can all pull me up on this.....of course it may shift to just an image a week (cost of polaroids!!) but that is my current starting point.

If anyone out there is reading this and would like to comment I would love to hear from you! Get a hold of me on Instragram or twitter - @abschofield.

_DSC5391test shoot with Maverick

A bit of motion work at Southport Skatepark. by admin@asphoto from andy schofield photography on Vimeo.

Southport Skatepark.

I have been challenged to do some video work by an agency in Manchester so this morning I decided to go out and about in Southport and see what I could find. I ended up meeting Gerome (really not sure on the spelling!).

I asked him politely if he wanted to show off...this is the resulting video. Unfortunately the ramps were wet so we were limited with the tricks that could be performed but I think we managed to shoot a cool little video! All good practice for my shoot on Saturday!!

Thanks to Gerome of Southport.

Photography and Editing by me. Shot on the Nikon D4 and edited in Premier Pro.

And just to fill out the is some old motion work I did a few years ago that I still think is cool...


What's a girl to do? from andy schofield photography on Vimeo.

Blue Inc Children's Wear by admin@asphoto

090813_BlueInc_Child0182First Ever Children's Shoot... So here it is, my first ever shoot with the dreaded 'c' word. Thank God they were models, professionals...all in all a great day! These guys made the day fly by, great to shoot. The team as ever was brilliant and special thanks goes to Caroline Sullivan of FashionStylistMe who did an amazing job and got us through all the looks. Rampworx in Liverpool hosted us and made for an amazing venue I just wish we had had more time to shoot before hundreds of kids descended on the park! Below are a few of my favourite shots.

Stylist: Caroline Sullivan

Assistants: Kayley Cope and Beanie

Models: Spencer, Pulse Models

Jacob, Pulse Models

Liam, Boss Models



















Blue Inc Shots of the day by admin@asphoto

3.7.13_BlueInc_OfficersClub 1846Blue Inc Shots of the Day Had an awesome time last week shooting for Blue Inc clothing.  Here are some of my favourite shots of the day. We had a great team on the day which made it even more fun and exciting. The client absolutely loved the final images, loved the team and the atmosphere that was created on the shoot.

Models: Andrea McWilliam and Aiden Golds from Sapphire Model Management in London.

Creative Director: Jim Johnson for Creative Revivalist

Stylist: Sandra Aji

Hair and Make up: Caz Patel

Agency: Creative Revivalist

Photographer Assistant: Minna Rossi


3.7.13_BlueInc_OfficersClub 1679 3.7.13_BlueInc_OfficersClub 1674 3.7.13_BlueInc_OfficersClub 1464 3.7.13_BlueInc_OfficersClub 1378 3.7.13_BlueInc_OfficersClub 1219 3.7.13_BlueInc_OfficersClub 1196 3.7.13_BlueInc_OfficersClub 1106 3.7.13_BlueInc_OfficersClub 1094 3.7.13_BlueInc_OfficersClub 0959 3.7.13_BlueInc_OfficersClub 0943 3.7.13_BlueInc_OfficersClub 0755 3.7.13_BlueInc_OfficersClub 0656 3.7.13_BlueInc_OfficersClub 0437 3.7.13_BlueInc_OfficersClub 0377 3.7.13_BlueInc_OfficersClub 0341

A break from food... by admin@asphoto

Jun 25 2013_sasha110Back to my normal kettle of fish... These images are from a test shoot with the absolute gorgeous Sasha!! She is a make up artist that I met a few weeks ago and I knew I had to shoot her. If you remember she is the pole dancer of a few blog posts ago!

I know that she probably won't like these images but I think she did an excellent job! I am planning to a creative with her hopefully involving dresses!! This shoot was mainly a test to see if she could stand me! :)

We nailed some awesome shots but also got some smiles as well!

Jun 25 2013_sasha94Jun 25 2013_sasha345Jun 25 2013_sasha164 Jun 25 2013_sasha166Jun 25 2013_sasha409 Jun 25 2013_sasha396

Fish... by admin@asphoto

food groups 0127Fish: How to stink up your studio... I don't like fish. The smell, the taste or the sliminess, however I loved making these images!!! When I originally received the brief for this series of shots (see my last blog post for more) I immediately thought of the colours and texture that are in these images.

I love the variety of look, the feel and the mood the different species have! Can't say I wanna get this lot back in the studio to shoot but I loved the challenge!

It just shows if you are willing to push your boundaries, even if it is just smell, you can achieve something special for yourself! :)food groups 0125 food groups 0124 food groups 0116 food groups 0122

Develop Yourself. by admin@asphoto

Jun 16 2013_lifeboats29Develop Yourself. "What we need is hard work, not work on impulse, but on principle. We need to drive ourselves until we have developed the rich resources within us."

E.W. Kenyon

Each and every person on this planet is built with the same potential. We are all creative. We are all able to grow. We are all able to develop the strengths that life has given us. Some people have handicaps and some people have privilege. Some people will fight all their lives and see themselves overcome what life throws at them. Some of us will take everything that has been gifted to us and sell it to the highest bidder. Others will just give up.

My challenge to myself everyday is to not give up. To not allow things, no matter how big or small, to define who I am or to define what I will become. I choose to get up everyday and to keep going. I want to not only work hard but to work consistently to improve myself, my skills and my gifting.

Don't settle for the easy life. Don't settle to get by. Listen to your heart and think on your feet. Push through whatever barriers that life throws at you. Many people have it worse than you and many people will overcome more than you.

Develop what you have and make it count. I have chosen to make my creative career count. I might not become world famous but I promise myself that as I grow and improve I will make my life better and hopefully that of those around me.

Photo taken of bikes at a Triathlon, where you better believe some people had to try harder than others to finish.

Create | Connect by admin@asphoto

dance photographyCreate | Connect. Their are two very real absolutes in my life at the moment, the driving force behind what I do. I have recently realised that two words sum up everything I do as a creative. It's absolutely fine having a vision, mission statement and business plan but if these two words don't permeate what you are trying to achieve you cannot hope for any real kind of success.

1. Create.

This is slightly obvious if you are in the creative industry, however if you leave this word out and focus solely on the next you will quickly and most assuredly become stale. Stale with your ideas, stale with your relationships and quickly you will become frustrated and depressed. I say all this stating the slightly obvious but what if you aren't "in" the business of creativity? Well I think accountants need to be creative. I think managers constantly need new and fresh perspectives. Creating is not just for the artist or writer. We all need that spark of inspiration, that ebbing need to push forward into new territory. A stagnant businessman is on a slippery path to being unemployed or broke or even both.

Keep creating no matter what. Don't stop. Be inspired. Execute. Live up to your aspirations. Produce artwork, ideas, books, and strategies that help others or at least keep you fulfilled. Don't allow yourself to standstill, even after a big project. Go out there, the very next morning and create something, as if you life depended on it.

2. Connect.

For the creative sometimes this is the hardest part of our lives. Naturally we don't like to talk about our art and how dare we tell anyone how good it is!! The official party line is to starve and live on the bread line creating awesome pieces of art that will only make you famous one day when you have died of alcohol poisoning or some such other tragedy.

If you don't connect you will have no reach. With no reach you have no support, no means of paying the bills, of even surviving to create more art. Of course the internet has created so many more opportunities to connect. This blog post will be tweeted, sent to LinkedIn and shared on Facebook but that will never beat the face to face opportunities a phone call can make. It will never replace a handshake or a smile. Connections are made only by a heartfelt attempt at understanding someone else's needs. Too deep? Not if you are the client selling something important!

These two words have become my mantra. By no means am I perfect but I do know that we need to constantly create and then we need to connect. Those inspiring ideas you have could solve a major problem for someone out there but without any means of reaching that someone the idea will die an empty death.

Great things are ahead if these two words work together and multiple your energy into achieving the success you desire.

p.s. the photograph in this post has nothing to do with this idea. However, Rebecca only came to do this jump because of my previous creative connections....

Emily by admin@asphoto

Mar-30-2013_test_emily_hannah7Emily. More to come from this girl!

This was a fantastic test shoot with Emily a few weeks ago. I love shooting fashion and working with models. I don't really know why but the images I seem to create within this genre feel free compared to my other work. I like to push the barriers with technique and composition. I love the idea that fashion is one absolute essential in our lives but becomes utter fantasy as we create images, clothing and high priced accessories.

Fashion allows me as a photographer to go into the realm of imagination but come back with imagery that inspires me and others. Technique becomes a low priority and creativity the high objective. Who cares about colour correction? Who cares if the image is out of focus? Fstop? Shutter Speed? No idea.

Actually I try to approach my photography this way all the time. Who needs rules and regulations when it comes to creativity? My wife proves this to me all the time. If I cook and slip away from the confines of the recipe I lose all confidence in the outcome of my food. The dinner could be ruined!! However, my wife throws ingredients in, never really measures and somehow creates food, cakes or dessert that melts in the mouth...

As we look at our lives where is the most stress? I bet to a lot of us it is the constant rule following. The constant trying to prove to ourselves and those around us that we can do what we say we can do. The natural drive in us to please others could be directed at healthy creativity. Setting ourselves goals to create and express without the concern for what others care about will actually help and inspire more people around us than we could ever imagine.

One of my best photographer friends Jo Rutherford has proven this time and time again to me. She is a 100% self taught photographer. She left a legitimate career (unlike photography :)) to pursue a creative life. Her work has gone from strength to strength over the last few years! If she had followed the norm her inspiration to hundreds of people would never have been realised. Have a look at this blog post to see my point - click here.

Today as you head out to work, sleep in or go and do the shopping throw something different into the mix. Try a different route home. Teach yourself something new. Get a kitten (just ticked that box)...

Enjoy your life and be creative! (forget some of the rules!)