Blue Inc Shots of the day / by admin@asphoto

3.7.13_BlueInc_OfficersClub 1846Blue Inc Shots of the Day Had an awesome time last week shooting for Blue Inc clothing.  Here are some of my favourite shots of the day. We had a great team on the day which made it even more fun and exciting. The client absolutely loved the final images, loved the team and the atmosphere that was created on the shoot.

Models: Andrea McWilliam and Aiden Golds from Sapphire Model Management in London.

Creative Director: Jim Johnson for Creative Revivalist

Stylist: Sandra Aji

Hair and Make up: Caz Patel

Agency: Creative Revivalist

Photographer Assistant: Minna Rossi


3.7.13_BlueInc_OfficersClub 1679 3.7.13_BlueInc_OfficersClub 1674 3.7.13_BlueInc_OfficersClub 1464 3.7.13_BlueInc_OfficersClub 1378 3.7.13_BlueInc_OfficersClub 1219 3.7.13_BlueInc_OfficersClub 1196 3.7.13_BlueInc_OfficersClub 1106 3.7.13_BlueInc_OfficersClub 1094 3.7.13_BlueInc_OfficersClub 0959 3.7.13_BlueInc_OfficersClub 0943 3.7.13_BlueInc_OfficersClub 0755 3.7.13_BlueInc_OfficersClub 0656 3.7.13_BlueInc_OfficersClub 0437 3.7.13_BlueInc_OfficersClub 0377 3.7.13_BlueInc_OfficersClub 0341