A bit of motion work at Southport Skatepark. / by admin@asphoto

Gerome_BMX.mov from andy schofield photography on Vimeo.

Southport Skatepark.

I have been challenged to do some video work by an agency in Manchester so this morning I decided to go out and about in Southport and see what I could find. I ended up meeting Gerome (really not sure on the spelling!).

I asked him politely if he wanted to show off...this is the resulting video. Unfortunately the ramps were wet so we were limited with the tricks that could be performed but I think we managed to shoot a cool little video! All good practice for my shoot on Saturday!!

Thanks to Gerome of Southport.

Photography and Editing by me. Shot on the Nikon D4 and edited in Premier Pro.

And just to fill out the post...here is some old motion work I did a few years ago that I still think is cool...


What's a girl to do? from andy schofield photography on Vimeo.