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2014-04-22 16.07.05
2014-04-22 16.07.05

I am unashamedly a family man. It's taken me awhile to recognise that but it is true. I passionately love photography and even more so serving the photography community whether it be clients, photographers or other creatives, however, my true love in life is my family. I agree very much with an article by Zack Arias on his blog - "I can't do one thing without the love and support of my wife." While I am in no way professing I am on Zack's level I do understand his simple sentiment. Who are we without those closest to us?

We have just brought into this world a second child and I right this blog not full of emotionalism but of a realisation that without my family I could never do what I do.

From the relationship of my wife I have developed a confidence in myself that was never there previously. Having a two year old and now a newborn I have been re-energised to maintain focus. My commitment to the business of photography is on track. There is something that Dave DuChemin says in his book: "Visionmongers: Making a living in photography" that caught my attention...

"Yes, your kids need to eat. But they also need to find in their parent a legacy of living life to the fullest if they're to do the same. Living your dream and pursuing your passion - as long as you do it with wisdom - is NOT reckless parenting but responsible. Better the gift of courage and passion than a new GameBoy."

If you ever feel exasperated and find yourself asking "why do we what we do?" and the answer seems to escape you...look around to those who you draw from. What have they brought to your life that spurs you on to maintain you passionate pursuit of your dreams? Is it a loved one? Is it a role model? Is it an old relationship you had?

Never let your hopes and dreams fade. Maintain your focus and enjoy the direction you are going but also remember to appreciate those around you. They deserve to hear how they have affected your future!

Now I finish this post with a short video of my son's fearless attitude...