Cee Cee and a blog post... / by admin@asphoto

test shoot with MaverickCee Cee and a blog post. This girl was fun to shoot! We had a laugh making these images. The shoot was again, on a cold winter's day but the sun came out a little so we got some lovely shots of Cee Cee smiling and laughing.  I love the simplicity of this shoot and have enjoying editing them. Her personality really shines through, a bubbly, fun-loving model with gorgeous hair! In someways I think her curls make these images! Anyways...onto my blog post.

test shoot with MaverickI hope you enjoy these shots, they have certainly inspired me to write today. I woke up with a lot of excitement, which was strange as I had a terrible night sleep and have no coffee to kick start me! Today, I woke up thinking about my goals for the year. I don't like the thought of calling them resolutions as I need more 'solutions' than empty 'resolutions'. Goals also are far more powerful. Of course I am only saying this as I haven't completed and set my goals in a solid form yet. Goals are a starting point but more than that they allow you keep yourself accountable and when you apply a time limit you ensure that you know if you have achieved them or not.

The reason I have chosen to talk about this subject is really because I have been challenged lately to have goals, ones that I want to set, prepare for and plan to achieve. This means that this year will about...creating new work, showing it and connecting with great people. I am going to commit to writing more blog posts and to keep posting images. My instagram page and account (andrewschofield) will be a main contributor to this but I also want to be a committed 'blogger'.

test shoot with MaverickI am setting myself this challenge (thanks to Jo Rutherford Photography for constantly reminding me to do this!). I am going to create a Polaroid once a week and to post it on this blog. No rules to the content but Monday will be deadline day. You can all pull me up on this.....of course it may shift to just an image a week (cost of polaroids!!) but that is my current starting point.

If anyone out there is reading this and would like to comment I would love to hear from you! Get a hold of me on Instragram or twitter - @abschofield.

_DSC5391test shoot with Maverick