Create | Connect / by admin@asphoto

dance photographyCreate | Connect. Their are two very real absolutes in my life at the moment, the driving force behind what I do. I have recently realised that two words sum up everything I do as a creative. It's absolutely fine having a vision, mission statement and business plan but if these two words don't permeate what you are trying to achieve you cannot hope for any real kind of success.

1. Create.

This is slightly obvious if you are in the creative industry, however if you leave this word out and focus solely on the next you will quickly and most assuredly become stale. Stale with your ideas, stale with your relationships and quickly you will become frustrated and depressed. I say all this stating the slightly obvious but what if you aren't "in" the business of creativity? Well I think accountants need to be creative. I think managers constantly need new and fresh perspectives. Creating is not just for the artist or writer. We all need that spark of inspiration, that ebbing need to push forward into new territory. A stagnant businessman is on a slippery path to being unemployed or broke or even both.

Keep creating no matter what. Don't stop. Be inspired. Execute. Live up to your aspirations. Produce artwork, ideas, books, and strategies that help others or at least keep you fulfilled. Don't allow yourself to standstill, even after a big project. Go out there, the very next morning and create something, as if you life depended on it.

2. Connect.

For the creative sometimes this is the hardest part of our lives. Naturally we don't like to talk about our art and how dare we tell anyone how good it is!! The official party line is to starve and live on the bread line creating awesome pieces of art that will only make you famous one day when you have died of alcohol poisoning or some such other tragedy.

If you don't connect you will have no reach. With no reach you have no support, no means of paying the bills, of even surviving to create more art. Of course the internet has created so many more opportunities to connect. This blog post will be tweeted, sent to LinkedIn and shared on Facebook but that will never beat the face to face opportunities a phone call can make. It will never replace a handshake or a smile. Connections are made only by a heartfelt attempt at understanding someone else's needs. Too deep? Not if you are the client selling something important!

These two words have become my mantra. By no means am I perfect but I do know that we need to constantly create and then we need to connect. Those inspiring ideas you have could solve a major problem for someone out there but without any means of reaching that someone the idea will die an empty death.

Great things are ahead if these two words work together and multiple your energy into achieving the success you desire.

p.s. the photograph in this post has nothing to do with this idea. However, Rebecca only came to do this jump because of my previous creative connections....