Develop Yourself. / by admin@asphoto

Jun 16 2013_lifeboats29Develop Yourself. "What we need is hard work, not work on impulse, but on principle. We need to drive ourselves until we have developed the rich resources within us."

E.W. Kenyon

Each and every person on this planet is built with the same potential. We are all creative. We are all able to grow. We are all able to develop the strengths that life has given us. Some people have handicaps and some people have privilege. Some people will fight all their lives and see themselves overcome what life throws at them. Some of us will take everything that has been gifted to us and sell it to the highest bidder. Others will just give up.

My challenge to myself everyday is to not give up. To not allow things, no matter how big or small, to define who I am or to define what I will become. I choose to get up everyday and to keep going. I want to not only work hard but to work consistently to improve myself, my skills and my gifting.

Don't settle for the easy life. Don't settle to get by. Listen to your heart and think on your feet. Push through whatever barriers that life throws at you. Many people have it worse than you and many people will overcome more than you.

Develop what you have and make it count. I have chosen to make my creative career count. I might not become world famous but I promise myself that as I grow and improve I will make my life better and hopefully that of those around me.

Photo taken of bikes at a Triathlon, where you better believe some people had to try harder than others to finish.