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Mar-30-2013_test_emily_hannah7Emily. More to come from this girl!

This was a fantastic test shoot with Emily a few weeks ago. I love shooting fashion and working with models. I don't really know why but the images I seem to create within this genre feel free compared to my other work. I like to push the barriers with technique and composition. I love the idea that fashion is one absolute essential in our lives but becomes utter fantasy as we create images, clothing and high priced accessories.

Fashion allows me as a photographer to go into the realm of imagination but come back with imagery that inspires me and others. Technique becomes a low priority and creativity the high objective. Who cares about colour correction? Who cares if the image is out of focus? Fstop? Shutter Speed? No idea.

Actually I try to approach my photography this way all the time. Who needs rules and regulations when it comes to creativity? My wife proves this to me all the time. If I cook and slip away from the confines of the recipe I lose all confidence in the outcome of my food. The dinner could be ruined!! However, my wife throws ingredients in, never really measures and somehow creates food, cakes or dessert that melts in the mouth...

As we look at our lives where is the most stress? I bet to a lot of us it is the constant rule following. The constant trying to prove to ourselves and those around us that we can do what we say we can do. The natural drive in us to please others could be directed at healthy creativity. Setting ourselves goals to create and express without the concern for what others care about will actually help and inspire more people around us than we could ever imagine.

One of my best photographer friends Jo Rutherford has proven this time and time again to me. She is a 100% self taught photographer. She left a legitimate career (unlike photography :)) to pursue a creative life. Her work has gone from strength to strength over the last few years! If she had followed the norm her inspiration to hundreds of people would never have been realised. Have a look at this blog post to see my point - click here.

Today as you head out to work, sleep in or go and do the shopping throw something different into the mix. Try a different route home. Teach yourself something new. Get a kitten (just ticked that box)...

Enjoy your life and be creative! (forget some of the rules!)