The Old Bank by andy schofield

Mark, Chef, Owner, Father and Husband of the The Village Pantry, Banks, Southport. I had the pleasure of shooting this story some time ago. Today I thought it was about time I got the images out there...

The Village Pantry is a local and favourite bakery which creates amazing particular the pies. Here is a short story of behind the scenes of this little yet iconic spot.

 test shoot with Maverick
 test shoot with Maverick
 test shoot with Maverick

Crossfit ASG by andy schofield

I was able to create this new story last weekend with the help of George from Crossfit ASG which is based in Southport. The gym has been going for about a year and is the only crossfit box gym in the local area. It has gone from strength to strength because of the high level of training and the group of loyal athletes that take part on a weekly and daily basis.

Follow George and his gym on instagram here. 

We also had food on the day provided for by Roar Fuel who create excellent healthy and natural treats to help you train.   Follow them here!

We also had food on the day provided for by Roar Fuel who create excellent healthy and natural treats to help you train. Follow them here!

Creativity takes courage: Henri why not climb a mountain? by andy schofield

3 Peaks. 2 Ridges. 6 Hours on a mountain. 

That was my adventure last week. I was out with an ex army climber and a climbing teacher friend of mine to create some adventure images. Little did I know when they meant extreme conditions they meant I would have to defeat some fear!! Check out the video link below and see to what lengths I (a complete newbie) had to go to get this project completed. :)

Shooting in Banks: Guns, Ducks and a glass of Port. by andy schofield

A couple of weeks ago I was able to complete a personal shoot project that I have been thinking on for awhile now. I spent the day with a family friend, Alan Rimmer and his shooting buddies. Alan was especially keen for me to meet the characters from his group and create some shots of their activities. The birds have all been hand reared, fed and allowed to roam free. All the birds shot will be eaten. 

It was interesting to see the dedication that the group had to hunt these birds. The control they had over their dogs was excellent and you could tell the dogs enjoyed themselves even though they had their work cut out for them.  We spent over 4 hours, covering a large farm area and managed to get a significant haul.

Grosvenor Rowing Club Chester by andy schofield

For this my latest project I have been travelling to Chester and The River Dee. The river is a busy river with plenty of water sports taking place, swimmers and boats travelling up and down it regularly.  In a very peaceful location Grosvenor Rowing Club train. 

The club have over 100 years of history and some very competitive rowers amongst their ranks. I, myself, am a keen rower, though not as keen as this lot! 

These images are some of the outtakes from the start of my project with some of the more established shots in my work portfolio. Thank you for the club for allowing me to come along, hopefully, I will be back down soon to develop the connection and some more images of the club.

Wild Swimming: Jumping in Buckstone's Jum by andy schofield

Becky, Chris, Sam, Jesse, Matty and Katy: Wild Swimmers.

This wild swimming location was a little different to previous shoots as I had my wild swimmer, Becky, to shoot but also the rest of her clan. I had an absolute blast shooting these two families as we negotiated the strong current and very chilling water! I was very grateful for the lunch provided and the pint afterwards!

Becky: Wild Swimmer

"I love being completely surrounded by the lakes and fells, and plunging into a different world underwater. And there's something about being so cold (and warming up afterwards) that is hard to explain but is really satisfying.

From lilo races across warm French lakes to cliff jumps into freezing Cumbrian becks, we seem to build our holidays around wild swims. Sometimes the kids egg each other on to ever-more daredevil leaps, and sometimes they just laze about in the shallows. In one of our favourite local swim spots, the fish nibble your toes if you sit still enough. We always go armed with goggles to see what lurks beneath, as well as an enormous picnic and several flasks of hot chocolate."

Chris: Wild Swimmer

"Why I wild swim:  Location location location. Even in the Lakes in August you can find a river or tarn practically to yourself where the surroundings are beautiful and the water is cool. In a pool you have to do 50 repetitive lengths in crowded chlorinated water for exercise. In Rydal water you can swim to an island and back and not worry about bumping into anyone!"

Unfortunately, the quotes from the kids were a little less detailed...


Sam: Wild Swimmer

Why I wild swim: "'cos it's fun..."

Jesse:  Wild Swimmer

Why I wild Swim: "I like the hot chocolate afterwards..."

Thank you all so much for all the fun!