Meditate. Prepare. Speak. by andy schofield

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We must spend plenty of time meditating on the Word of God.

Meditating feeds your faith and prepares it to be released.

Be selective in what you pray. Don’t speak until you know that faith is present and strong.

When you are ready then pray, speak or declare. Get the Word of the Lord for the situation. Get in faith. Don’t preempt your faith. Be patient and get prepared. Find out what the Spirit of God is saying to you.

You will know when you are in Faith. Faith always comes. Speak your faith and believe.

God will honour His Word in your mouth and will respond to your faith.

He shall have whatsoever he says.... by andy schofield

That is action. That is continuous. It is not a one off expression of Faith.

The saying part of faith is done as a part of your life. You talk all the time and that is what you will have.

You make faith confessions from your heart all day long. If it is faith or fear depends on what it is in your heart.

Start talking in faith repeatedly. Guard your words. Allow the Spirit of God to change your words.

Talk bigger about EVERYTHING!!

Faith is big. Faith is grande. Faith is victory.

Develop your Faith by andy schofield

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The foundation of Faith is the Word.

The foundation for defeat is anything else but. The sandy shore is never safe to build a house on. Build it on the rock. Changes made to a house can easily be made when the foundation is solid. Mistakes made when the foundation is secure can be easily fixed.

Develop your Faith in God’s Word to a point of absolute trust and belief. Know that you know that you know that His Word is true and that you can act on it.

That is when you will encounter God for who He is and you will allow Him to invade your life with His Presence, His Life and His Way.

Faith works by Love. by andy schofield

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Faith works by love.

Faith may be the key to the flow of Gods grace but Love is the door.

When your faith isn’t working or you sense a blockage in Gods grace always look for issues in your love walk first. Any hint of a lack of forgiveness in your spirit will hinder your faith.

Forgiveness is the element that maintains a clean heart. Without forgiveness condemnation and fear seep in quietly, ruining your relationship with God. Confidence is always key to receiving from God. Faith without confidence is like car without fuel.

Put love first place and your faith will continue to connect with grace. You will have ability, favour and confidence knowing that God backs everything you do.

Faith connects. by andy schofield


Faith is your connection.

Your faith is your connection to Grace. Build your faith up. Get in the Word. Listen to the Word. Meditate on the Word. When you connect to Grace you open up the stream God’s ability into your life.

It works by love.