Extraordinary Love.

Extraordinary Love. 

To be a true Christian you must be able to operate in extraordinary love. Why extraordinary love and not just ‘love’? 

Because the word ‘love’ is confusing. It is overused and under appreciated. We don’t really understand it. We don’t value it and we certainly don’t lean on it in a crisis. Our emotions, without an extraordinary love, will dictate to us and confuse us. 

“That person said they loved us…why did they act like that?’ Is a dominate feeling of this generation. We judge people by their actions and never by their intentions. The reverse is how we treat ourselves. 

Extraordinary love goes beyond the natural. It perceives intention. It allows for mistakes on a colossal level. It sees through a need. It sees into the spirit level of a situation and responds accordingly. 

Extraordinary love is compassion. It is never sympathy. It does not react with empathy alone. It is moved by insight. It cuts through the mess of people’s thinking. Extraordinary love is God ordained and will take any situation to victory. 

It is a decision. It follows Gods heart and his word on every matter. It is never ending and is never short sighted. It is not soft but is never harsh. Extraordinary love is God in us manifesting to every situation in our lives and in those around us. 

God’s love in us is the movement of faith. It is the oil that keeps an engine running. It is the cement that holds our foundation together. Faith only works by this extraordinary love. Faith is what pleases God. Faith is the victory propelled by extraordinary love. 

Whatever you are facing, and I mean whatever, allow the extraordinary love of God within you to bubble up. Deal with every person out of an overflow of that Love. Make a decision to never be moved by what you see or feel. Confess the Word knowing the very Spirit of extraordinary love is backing you. Without that Love you cannot function in the faith you desire but know this that the love of God is shed abroad in you heart! 

Let extraordinary love dominate your life today and tomorrow. Let it remove from you your past and let it open up a future full of possibilities and freedom! 

Romans 5

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