The Power of All.

All Grace.

All Sufficiency.

All Things.

All Bountifulness.

God’s grace abounds. We abound to every good work. We always have sufficiency. We are to be enriched in EVERYTHING. This passage of scripture in 2 Corinthians 9 is so powerful. I don’t know about you but I have been reading it for years and know that I still haven’t grasped the depths of it. When you realise the context of it is finances and giving that adds even more depth. Finances can be a difficult subject in the body of Christ but we all need money to live and to thrive. It is impossible to do the impossible without significant financial flow in our lives.

When we grasp the revelation in these verses, the power of ALL, and see what our Heavenly Father is trying to get into our hands it will take us to another level. I am not just talking about having more stuff. I don’t want to see another level of stuff in my life. We are never to seek stuff! We are to seek the kingdom! In fact, the result of ALL grace abounding to us is for us to ABOUND in good works!

Don’t get me wrong. The stuff you need has been already provided for you. God has said that ALL things that pertain unto life and godliness has been provided for you (how many things? ALL!). All our needs are provided for us in Christ Jesus, according to His riches and glory. Someone said, “I don’t talk to God about my needs, I talk to God about my wants!” 

Why is that so important? Your needs are dealing with things that God has said He’ll take care of. Your wants are dealing with vision, growth and expanding the kingdom. Your wants are not to satisfy your greed. Your wants need to line up with the Word of God, seeking the Kingdom of God. Attaching you desires to advancing the Kingdom are wants that God can hook up with!

If God said we can ask anything…I want to ask for souls. I want to ask for vision. I want to ask for wisdom to increase Kingdom business. I want to be able to declare the Good News of Jesus Christ in such away that reaches as many people as possible, on every platform and easily as I can. I want to inspire others and release others to be on fire for God. I want to see you achieving the goals and dreams that God puts in your heart. 

I want to activate and receive ALL grace that abounds to me so that I have ALL sufficiency in ALL things! I will not be short of ability, funds or seed! I will have the power of ALL working in my life!

Today, declare these verses over your life. Meditate on them. Do something about them. Be a generous giver and see what God Almighty will do in your life and how He will release you to reach souls for the Kingdom with a fresh fire in your life!

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