1 John 3:21, 22

We have a confident assurance to Ask. We have Biblical assent to ask. What can we ask for? 


Mark 11:22-24 makes it very clear if you can ask in faith for something you can have anything you pray for. Is that shocking to you? 

1 John 5:14 says that God hears us and if He hears us we can be confident that whenever we ask for anything that pleases him our requests will be granted. 

If that is difficult to process remember God has also given us free access to His throne room of Grace. He has seated us in heavenly realms in Christ at His right hand. We are sons of God, joint heirs with Jesus. We are righteous in His sight. We are filled with His very Spirit.

Why would it be hard to believe we can ask but not just ask to receive what we ask for? If you fulfil the above and are a submitted son of God you won’t ask for something against God’s will.

Release your faith today. Believe what the Bible says. Ask. God wants to answer you and support far more than you want an answer! 

Expect something good today!

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