The Fundamentals

Basic. Simple. The beginning. All words that are significant in reminding us that when things become complicated we need to remember. The subject of faith can become a little like that. We start out with what little we know and then move forward, growing and developing. We increase steadily and we delve deeply. We begin to learn some things and then we teach others what we have learnt, however, if we are not careful things can become complicated. We can become presumptuous of others, thinking they understand what we are saying. We think we are at a new level that has perhaps left behind what we first new and that the fundamentals are no longer necessary. 

Brother Hagin, during his last years on earth felt it necessary to return to preaching the fundamentals of faith. The reason he gave was that preachers were communicating from a position of where they were and not from a position people could understand or hook up with. They had moved on too far for the new comers. 

The fundamentals of faith can be operated on any level. The fundamentals of faith are necessary for all of us.

What is Faith? 

‘And without faith it is impossible to please God, for he who comes to God must believe that He exists and that He is a rewarder of those who diligently seek Him.’

Hebrews 11:6

When we understand this scripture we begin to understand the importance of Faith. If God is never pleased unless we operate in we probably should take note on what it is, how it functions and how in our lives as a believer we need to connect with it.

Faith is, in it’s simple definition, is trust in God. When we trust God we have faith in Him in three main areas. You salvation began with faith. Your healing is received by faith. You right standing with God is received by faith and you access God’s grace by faith. In order to walk in form of the Love of God you need to know how to operate in faith. It will always take complete trust in God in order for you to walk out His Plan for your life.

Faith is now. Faith is not in the future. Faith is not in the past. Faith is a constant, present trust and a now understanding in God. Faith is out of the boat, walking on the water stuff. Faith is eyes on The Word, eyes on Jesus and a total surrender to God. Faith sees the invisible and receives the impossible. Faith is important!

Faith comes. Faith is inside you. You were given the measure of faith. When the Word of God is preached it stirs up the spirit of faith in the believer, a connection is made. When faith is present and acted on great things will happen. People will receive healing, miracles, dreams will be released and stepped into. In an atmosphere of faith the church rises!

Faith truly is something we must understand and operate in. Faith is exciting and thrilling. Faith completely trusts God. Faith allows boldness to rise. Faith in the heart of the believer, released by their words is seen by God, the creator of heaven and earth. God will respond.

Let’s delve into this subject and believe for revelation. Let’s go into new heights of The Word, the foundation of our faith. This week, we will be covering this subject and more in our Gospel Pursuits Broadcast.

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