God is not in charge of your breakthrough…YOU ARE!

God is the God of the breakthrough. God wants you to not only succeed in life but to go beyond the levels of your own thinking and even your own dreams. However, there is one problem, many in church circles don’t see or believe how this can be possible. 

How do we get the breakthrough? How do we go beyond what we see in our dreams? We teach that your breakthrough is coming. It’s on its way and one day you will see it. Perhaps, you will get lucky before you die and your prayers will be answered…

I am writing this post because when I stepped into my shower the other day something so clearly dropped into my spirit,

“I am not in charge of your breakthrough…you are!”

When those words resonated in my heart my spirit went into overdrive and this simple message was birthed. I began to think of areas in our lives that really only will see change if we take ownership and press forward. Many times we want to put everything off on God. We say things like, “I have done all, so I am standing.” The trouble is many of us are still standing many many years later. 

A famous minister once said, “If you are still standing for something 20 years later something is wrong.” Faith is only dead and unproductive when action is not taken. In the secular world you don’t start a business by setting up a website and then sitting by the email. You need to put action into reaching customers and producing the dream that is on the inside of you.

In order to see the real breakthrough that God had provided for you must determine in you heart to do everything that The Word of God declares, put your stake in the ground and then get moving! Put action into your standing! 

You are in charge of your breakthrough!!

What is breakthrough? It is simply stepping up into a new level of success! You need a breakthrough? You need to step up! You want to see financial increase in your finances? You need to give and then get work. You want to access God’s grace for increase? You need to give generously and put then put a plan into action. You need healing? Activate your mouth by filling your heart so full of the Word of God concerning healing that it flows out of your heart like a river!! 

When you actively press forward into God’s plan for your life your faith becomes charged and all things become possible to the believer!! Make some bold decisions! Stress in your life is a manifestation of an unmade decision. Decide to go all out and be all in. Find out the direction from the Word and by the leadership of the Holy Spirit and then get moving!

You are in charge of your breakthrough today! Rise up saint! Walk in revival today. Praise God today! Declare His works in your life today for out of your heart flows living water. Water that refreshes your soul, living water that fills you with freedom. 

God has poured out everything you need to have a successful and purpose filled life…stop waiting around for Him to do something about your situation! Get proactive. Get to work and learn how to lean on the Holy Spirit and you move forward in life!

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