Lay it all down.

Lay it down. Put aside what holds you back. The weights, the sin. Put aside the thoughts of defeat and of lack. Put aside the temptation to settle for second best. Don’t take what sight produces. Don’t let yourself pursue the dream that is not originating from God’s heart. Don’t make up your life by wishing and looking. Go deep. Go into the heart of the Father. His love for you goes beyond all.

Lay it all down. Take your dreams, take your ideas, take what you think is best and lay it down. There is a Christian sacrifice. A sacrifice that comes from within. A sacrifice that is heartfelt and costs you something. The sacrifice for me is different than for you. You may not have to give up what I need to, yet, know this, that there will come a time that God needs your all, your everything.

Sacrifice is often said to be second to obedience. Obedience trumps sacrifice. You can sacrifice it all and stay in rebellion, rebellion is as witchcraft. Your outward motions can hide your true heart motives. This is not a fake, shallow sacrifice or some outward display to try and prove to God that you mean business.

There is a sacrifice and a commitment to obedience that goes beyond following simple instructions. I am talking about laying on the altar all. If you will do this the sacrifice becomes obedience. There is something special about following Jesus and hearkening unto the Word of God. As you pursue His presence things that need to disappear fall off like dead weight. Those are the weights that hold you back, falling off as you stand in the throne room. Your sacrifice is submission to all that God has for you.

Sacrifice of the flesh, of the natural, opens up the door for you to carry the yoke that the spirit provides. Jesus, the ultimate burden remover will give to you exactly what you need to carry. That yoke that He provides is light and will continue to bear fruit in all that you do. He is not placing a burden on you to wear you down. No! His burden is provision for your success. He knows you and what you can produce for the kingdom.

Those scriptures always used to provide me with a worried feeling. Though the burden is light and easy, Jesus is still putting something on me that I don’t want to carry! I never want to carry anything, especially if it’s raining or hot outside! Remember this, Jesus is your brother. Jesus is your Lord. Jesus sees only the end result of your life. He looks at you with eyes of faith, faith that overcomes the world. Jesus sees you in the victory that He has paid for. Jesus sees you healed and strong, rich and prosperous and He sees you full of joy and peace! That’s the burden He puts on you; ”Go, succeed, go out there, into the world, and do something great!” The burden He has is one of victory and of the responsibility to enforce it!!

Think of the responsibility that comes with a sports personality. They become role models. People look to them, right or wrong, and they take their opinions to heart. If a natural personality, filled with the world’s system, can persuade and inform…what can you do?

You are a victorious one. You carry the essence of the Creator of the heavens. You are filled with ability, potential, influence and opportunity. You carry the burden that Jesus has for you. You are joined together with Jesus. You are connected by a yoke. You are supported and linked in with the one who knows what works best for you!!

Lay it all down. The burden you choose to put on cannot be carried. You don’t have the correct mould. Let the truth of God’s Word become the frame. Frame your life and mould yourself to the words that came from the Father. Speak what God says and let His Words cloak you. God’s Word will support and provide the necessary path so you can walk far, with direction. You will complete the God given plan.

Lay it all down and pick up the mantel that Jesus provides. Follow His plan for your life. Go on a journey of discovery and spend some time listening. Develop your relationship. Develop your ability to sacrifice and to obey! Develop a true love relationship with the one who created you. He knows you. He wants the best for you. When you look unto Him…all things are possible. You become a believer. A believer who is more than a conqueror! 

You can and will be ALL that Jesus needs you to be in these last days! You will have plenty and will you will experience abundant living! 

Jesus is Lord!

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