Generosity opens up the kingdom. 

Generosity is a great word. It’s a word that when you hear it you perk your ears up because it is such a positive word. If you know someone who is generous you want to be around that person, immediately you love to spend time with them knowing that you will have a good day!! 

I have known many generous people. People who have paid for my meals, taken me on holiday and supplied all my children’s clothing for years.

I love when people bless me but in order to receive all that God has for you and me there is another level to attain to. There is a level of generosity that goes far beyond just receiving a free meal here and there. It happens when you tap into your own generosity. You can become what you see operating in those around you. When you start on the true path to generosity you may have to challenge yourself to operate this way but thank God we have some examples…

As generous Christians we should be obsessed with accepting our lineage, connecting with our spiritual DNA and reflecting the kingdom. We should be continually imitating our covenant example, after all it was God who started this whole thing off by simply giving Adam and Eve a planet to multiply in. Now when they messed it all up, it was God who came and bought back mankind. 

When God gave us Jesus He not only provided the answer for sin and for death but He really demonstrated the length to which He would go to to get back what He created. He gave so big knowing full well He could reap a huge harvest from His gift. As Jesus was on the cross He saw before Him many sons of glory. He saw the reality of what God was to receive back. 

He died knowing that His one life  sacrifice would see many people set free from an eternity of Hell. 

Remember this, God is a generous God. He gave everything in Jesus. When you make Jesus your Lord you become a generous person whether you like it or not. You may not see it yet but within you lives the potential to be the most generous person you know. God wants to see you blessed. He wants to see you give and receive back multiples of what you sow. We are to imitate the ultimate example!

God wants to see you succeed so much and become so successful that it can only have been from Him. He wants you to be able to point to your generous life as a supernatural display from heaven. He wants you to be a sign and a wonder in your generation!

God not only wants to see you blessed but He extends that desire to see all our churches abundantly provided for. He wants to see overflow in finances, abundant health and an abundance of salvations. In fact, He already sees it, just like Jesus saw many sons of Glory before it happened God has seen you blessed!

You have so much more to achieve in this life. Your vision, your business and your ministry all can succeed as you develop generosity in what you do. Your generosity simply opens the door to the world of supply and provision. 

We want to see Church buildings built and we want to see more churches planted. We want to see hubs created that preach the Word of God while supplying the power of the Holy Spirit. We want to see Christians learn and develop as they grow and dominate in life. 

There is something I saw in prayer recently as our church was praying and I saw it so clearly! As we were praying I saw in my heart what is known as ‘an appointed time’. An appointed time that is coming to our region, to our city and our church. What I saw was a huge wall of fire directly in our path. This wall is at an appointed time, specifically set aside. I sensed that as we continue to press into what God is saying through prayer, preaching and faith we are running towards this firewall…I just see it so clearly in my mind, it’s a line of fire, in time, a moment in time that we are suddenly going to cross over and say, 

“Oh, this is different, this is something fresh, there’s something here, something has changed.” 

You see when you take a match that is on fire and throw it into a large fire the flame on that match doesn’t get brighter it just gets consumed by the larger flame. The two flames become one. The smaller flame suddenly benefits from the size of the fire around it. 

If we press into our assignment, God’s plan, we are going be the burning ones walking into this appointed time of change. There’s a new level coming, there’s a new going up, there’s something in the atmosphere that is coming and that is appointed. 

Churches are going to start to sense it. People are going to start to spiritually churn on the inside and churches are going to suddenly change…worship’s going to suddenly get pure…preaching…there will be ministers, who’ve never preached a Word of Faith Message in their life, and the fire is going to fall on them and they’re just going to speak and their brain’s going to go tilt, “I don’t believe this, I don’t believe this but it’s coming straight from my spirit!”. 

These are the days we’re going to walk into, days of translations, people being shifted from one place to the next, like Philip the evangelist…the last days of the last days are almost upon us. Miracles. Signs. Wonders. 

This will be upon us in a way that is new and different. God is going to compound everything like Smith Wigglesworth once prophesied, it’s going to be a combination of all the previous flows of the Spirit, all in one go and you will see it happen before your eyes. 

Now, we can get tired of hearing this being preached, we can roll our eyes as if the preachers are dreaming up something but I’m telling you, I don’t care if you believe me or not…this is coming. This will happen!

Know this, God has got plans!! They are coming and will not fail! I never want you or me to see something on the horizon, behold its glory and turn around and run the other way!

We are meant to be the burning ones. We are meant to press into prayer and prepare the way of God is planning. This place of preparation requires generosity. This place requires us to be prepared financially as well as spiritually. 

We are meant to be generous ones, generous ones are burning ones. We are not only meant to carry revival but also to pay for it!! God will multiply your seed sown. Start to get ready to give. Get ready to put the kingdom first. Get ready now and start now. Let God get involved in your preparation for His coming. 

For what God has planned He will need believers who are all in. Totally committed to the way of the Spirit, standing firm on the Word and prepared to let nothing stand in their way. Remember, if you try to hold on to it you will eventually lose it. 

Generosity is an awesome word. It opens up so much in the kingdom. Revival will come, the fire will fall and it will be abundantly provided for as we give, prepare and allow the surplus of God’s prosperity to be manifest in our lives!! 

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