Mindset Shift.

Proverbs 23:7

For as he thinks in his heart, so is he:

Before I start writing I would like to make a sweeping statement…

All of us need to change our minds. 

Your mind. My mind. We need to change it. We think we are right. We know what we know and we know that what we know is right. Our opinions and our talk are often a result of past history. We have sown into our lives consistently with both positive and negative experiences. We have relied on what others have told us we could be. We have thought we have tried hard. We thought we did all we could. We have all limited our outcomes by limiting our thinking.  

Steve Jobs changed at least four technology industries upside down. He revolutionised the computer industry, exploded the music market, invented new ways to use a phone and of course created Apps. He changed the way we all think about how we do things. The iPod destroyed the cassette market (Mini disks didn’t have a chance!). The iPhone transformed the mobile phone from a simple communication device to a pocket computer capable of so much more than a phone call. The iPad is beautiful. 

Steve Jobs was also known for connecting dots. He was a diverse thinker and he relied on many sources of experience and influences. He allowed his thinking to go far beyond that of ordinary people. He once looked at the blinking green dots on a computer screen that made up the typed words and thought, “Man, this is ugly!” He remembered a previous calligraphy class he took and realised that type could be beautiful and then the journey began. He created his way into the history books. You and I create…

Our minds are capable of so much more. Your mind is capable of so much more. In fact, if you are a believer, you have been given the ultimate source for large thinking. You have the mind of Christ. The mind of Christ is the mind that is connected to the Spirit of God. Paul said that “we speak words given to us by the Spirit, using the Spirit’s words to explain spiritual truths.” (1 Corinthians 2:13) 

Our minds have a connection to spiritual truths. We can access spiritual wisdom. We can access insight into the knowledge of God. God’s thoughts may be higher than ours and His ways more perfect but we can use them for our benefit! We don’t have to simply settle for our thoughts. We are, in fact, called to be imitators of God. We are to be like children copycatting our father. We are to use God’s example to speak into existence the future and desires we want.

If God thought like you and I, do you think creation would have ever existed? If He thought, “What if it doesn’t work? What if what I say turns out to be the opposite of my declaration?” Light would have been dark cause when God said what we think…

Another scripture verse says that, “out of the abundance of our heart we speak.” Jesus said, “if we believe what we say we would have what we say.” The reality is that our thoughts, meditated on, will get into our heart. Our thinking is simply the top floor. The elevator of our mind carries images and words down to our mouth. Once spoken out into our life our heart will grab a hold of what we say. This is where it gets dangerous because truly our heart is the soil of our destiny and the moment it receives seed it goes to work. Our hearts immediately try to produce what we have declared. The seeds of our voice take root and the soil of heart brings into reality what we say!

What you think is vitally important. What you allow to enter into the domain of your mind has the potential to connect to your soul. Your soul comprises of a third of your being. It is the switchboard to connect you to life or death. It has the power to super charge your life or flatten the life force within you. Your mind has unlimited potential. If a secular man, who has no connection to the supernatural mind of God can revolutionise mankind in a few decades surely the body of Christ can transform the world with Word power! 

You don’t need to create a product to transform people’s lives. You just need to think bigger. You just need to think God thoughts. You need to take your life to the next level by allowing God to think through you with His Word. His Word will transform the connections in your mind. It will cut off the past. God’s Word will expand your destiny beyond all you can ask or think. God’s Word will create within you the vision to succeed faster than any advice received. You will learn how to access that vision. You will learn how to act out the success The Word has provided for you. You can think your way into wealth, success and victory. Your mind working with and acting on the Anointing that equips your mind. Holy Spirit wisdom at work within you!

Change your mind today. Change your thought patterns. Have a mindset shift today. You are a believer…BELIEVE! You can do all things through Christ Jesus! You can achieve the impossible. You can take your family to the next level. You can remove them from the darkness that surrounds your life. You can. You can. And you will!

Go into this week looking at what you can achieve and not what you can’t. Think, let your heart be filled with the Word and then speak it out! Let the abundance of God’s Spirit flood your inner man and lift you up with a shout of victory! You are a success on a journey of victory that no human, no devil or problem can stop. Don’t stop trying. Don’t give in. Never give up!!

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