Unclogging our faith. 

There is a lot of distraction in the body of Christ. 

Distraction that leads to mis-information and mis-direction. There is a focus on the natural and the circumstance you find yourself in. In fact, most of the so-called prophecy that is projected today gets you to only focus on what is happening or could happen. The worst of the worst scenario is presented as click bait to distract the believer. There is a better way. 

The Word is our most sure word of prophecy. The Word of God is our foundation. The Word of God is the only click bait we need. 

As we move closer and closer to the end of time our focus needs to be increasingly on the Word of God. It is the Word that creates our solid foundation. It is the Word that supports our consistent success. It the Word heard I. Our hearts that builds our capacity for faith. Our faith is the victory that overcomes the world. 

If the devil could remove our faith completely he would but he is subtle one. If he can’t remove our faith his plan needs to shift and clog our faith. To remove something you need to apply a great amount of force against an object. When this takes place it becomes very obvious.  When you need to dig a trench to rip out a pipe in the ground it is noisy, loud and destructive. To clog something up slows down production, reduces flow and shrinks the output. It produces frustration and questioning. Frustration will in fact stop production all together. The devil doesn’t remove your faith, he halts it. 

Why aren’t things working? It used to be easier to receive from God? God is somehow not talking to me clearly anymore. 

These are all symptoms of a clogging of the pipeline. Your faith diminishes and the pressure is turned off as you struggle to clear the pipes. 

The life you need to live in God successfully requires you to have complete access to the supply of grace. The supply of God’s power needs to flow unhindered in your life during these last days. The pipeline of grace needs to be clear and free flowing. 

If you are feeling distracted, check up on your focus. Are you trying to connect pipes that aren’t there? Are you trying to receive faith from the wrong source? 

If you aren’t seeing a strong flow of grace in your life are there things slowing the supply down? Are you slightly offended at someone? Are you jealous of someone else’s lifestyle? Is your connection to the Word being short circuited by a constant focus on something else?

All of the questions and more you can ask yourself but don’t start replacing the problems you have with questions alone! Begin to go to the answer. 

Go back to the Word. Sow it. Put it back in your heart like your life depends on it! Become a person who receives the Word gladly, with a hunger that plants it deep inside your being. Become the person who produces 30, 60 and 100 fold of what is in the Word. 

Become a hearer of the Word and become a doer of the Word. Make a quality decision today to follow through with what God is saying to you daily. Get your daily fix and enjoy the fruit it bears. 

Clear out the pipes! Let the power flow. Deal with any clogs and let your heart become the place of peace and focus that God deserves! You are the temple of God so do not be distracted by the things of this world. 

Jesus is coming back soon! Be the person of faith He is looking for today!

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